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  • Jobs Australia “Communities of Interest”
  • Discounted rates on all events, workshops, training and education
  • Discounted rates on bespoke training and education
  • Discounted fees for expert Workplace Relations consultancy including coaching, mentoring, mediation, investigation or bespoke services
  • Awards, pay tables and agreements
  • The Blanket Cover Insurance Program
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  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations


  • Full voting rights at Jobs Australia elections
  • Employment Service Provider Peak Body Representation (including employment pathways)
  • Representation for education, training and skills development providers
  • Representation of community services associated with employment and training pathways

Full Member

Jobs Australia Full Members are Not for Profit organisations who provide diverse employment services and pathways, education, training and skills development programs.

Associate Member

Jobs Australia Associate Members are Not for Profit community and social service organisations that directly or indirectly assist people to fully participate in society economically and socially through the services they deliver.